A selection of images showing the range of obstacles at Fit 4 OCR The Obstacle Arena  #loveocr

The Obstacle Arena


Birds-eye view of the Fit 4 OCR Obstacle Arena take from on top of the Box toward the Ivel Springs Nature Reserve


Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Launch yourself over, under and through the mangle and try not get stuck between the tyres!

Tip: Put your hands in first and tackle it with a "Superman" pose!

Flat Wall (8ft, 6ft)

Difficulty: Tricky (8ft); Medium (6ft)

Get yourself over the 8ft or 6ft wall with or without using the ledge. ...

Tip: there are several approaches to tackling the wall which do not necessarily need upper body strength. Ask the coaches to run through the options then try for yourself.  With a little practise and confidence you will quickly find the method that works for you. See more

Hay Bales

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Make your way over each of the hay bales as quickly as you can.

Feeling brave? Try jumping between them (or rolling, or vaulting, or whatever you fancy)!


Difficulty: Tricky

Grip and timing make for success in this obstacle. Use momentum and swing your way from ring to ring without falling in the sand below! Sounds easy, but needs practice!

Tip: For speed, try extending your reach and missing out a ring (or two!) as you go!

Flipping' Tyres!

Difficulty: Easy/medium

Flip'em, flop 'em, roll 'em, carry 'em! The heavier the tyre, the tougher...

the task!  Great fun for team challenges!

Tip: Use your LEGS, not back, to flip tyres. Get the coaches to show you

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